Letterkenny  - (2016)

Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. These are their problems.

Release: 06/04/2016

IMDB: 8.3

Genders: Comedy

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 1

Time: 30 min

Updated: 18 days ago

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter - (2015)

The six-person crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from stasis in the farthest reaches of space. Their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of who they are or how they got on ...

Release: 06/20/2015

IMDB: 7.3

Genders: Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 749

Time: 42 min

Updated: 21 days ago

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The Indian Detective 

The Indian Detective 

A Toronto police officer investigates a murder while visiting his father in India.

Release: N/A


Genders: Drama, Comedy

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 13

Time: min

Updated: 23 days ago

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Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017)

Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017) - (2017)

Jenna Hudson (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew Walker) are polar opposites working for the same online publication in New York City. With both having nowhere they want to be for ...

Release: 12/16/2017

IMDB: 7.5

Genders: Comedy, Romance

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 2

Time: min

Updated: 27 days ago

English TV (27 days ago)

English TV (27 days ago)

The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard

The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard - (2007)

A story about Quebec's most famous hockey player, Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, focusing on the struggles of a French Canadian in the National Hockey League dominated by Anglophones.

Release: 04/20/2007

IMDB: 7.7

Genders: Drama, Sport, Biography

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 4

Time: 124 min

Updated: 29 days ago

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WolfCop - (2015)

As a series of strange and violent events begin to occur, an alcoholic policeman realizes that he has been turned into a werewolf as part of a larger plan.

Release: 02/25/2015

IMDB: 5.5

Genders: Horror, Comedy

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 14

Time: 79 min

Updated: one month ago

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Engaging Father Christmas (2017)

Engaging Father Christmas (2017) - (2017)

Miranda is flying back to Vermont from her home in Seattle to reconnect with her family over the holidays -- and to see Ian, a local handyman she fell in love with on her last trip to the ...

Release: 11/12/2017

IMDB: 7.2

Genders: Romance

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 2

Time: min

Updated: one month ago

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Adam: The Mirror (2017)

Adam: The Mirror (2017) - (2017)

Neill Blomkamp's disturbing vision of the future on Earth, a computer generated film created in Unity 2017 and rendered in real-time at 30 frames per second.

Release: 10/03/2017

IMDB: 7.3

Genders: Sci-Fi, Animation, Short

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 1

Time: 7 min

Updated: one month ago

Hungarian N/A (one month ago)

Firebase (2017)

Firebase (2017) - (2017)

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Release: 06/28/2017

IMDB: 7.5

Genders: Sci-Fi, Short

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 3

Time: 27 min

Updated: one month ago

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Continuum - (2014)

A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

Release: 11/17/2014

IMDB: 7.7

Genders: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 1250

Time: 45 min

Updated: one month ago

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Korean N/A (3 months ago)

Dutch N/A (4 months ago)